The Touring Bicycle Buyer’s Guide

The Touring Bicycle Buyer’s Guide is here to help you find the best touring bike for you, the bike tour you have planned, and that is within your budget.

Find Your Dream Touring Bicycle!

The truth about touring bicycles is that most local bike shop owners don’t know much about them… and even fewer local bike shops carry a stock of touring bicycles of any kind. This makes shopping for a new touring-specific bicycle extremely difficult.

That’s why The Touring Bicycle Buyer’s Guide was written:

  • To help you understand the difference between touring bicycles and the other bike models you are likely already familiar with (i.e. road bikes, mountain bikes, etc.)
  • To introduce you to more than 150+ of the most popular touring bicycles in the world.
  • To help you find the best touring bicycle for you and the bike tour that you are planning to take.

What Exactly Is A Touring Bicycle?

A touring bicycle is a bicycle designed specifically for use while bicycle touring. Seems simple enough, doesn’t it?

But what many first-time touring bike buyers don’t realize, however, is that there are several different types of bicycle touring. (For example: Day touring, supported touring, credit card touring, expedition touring, self-supported touring, etc.) And for each of these different types of bicycle touring, there are a number of difference bicycles designed for that particular style of travel.

Pick the right touring bicycle for your trip, and you’ll be sure to come home with those incredible experiences and memories you’ve been dreaming about. But pick the wrong bicycle and your trip could be over before it’s even had a chance to begin.

Can Any Type Of Bicycle Be Used?

For shorter bike tours (those lasting just a few days), almost any type of bicycle can be used. But for longer bicycle touring adventures (those lasting at least a week or more), it becomes even more important that you have a bicycle that is properly equipped for that particular style of long-distance bike tour.

The problem with using a regular mountain bike or road racing bicycle for long-distance bicycle touring is this:

  • Road bikes cause you to lean over in a hunched position, putting pressure on your back, neck, shoulders and spine. Holding this position for days and hours on end (like you do with any long-distance bicycle tour) places an incredible about of stress and strain on your body.
  • Using a mountain bike with flat handlebars limits the number of positions in which you can move your hands around as you ride. If you keep your positions in that one position for long periods of time (like you’ll be doing on any good bike tour) you can cause temporary and even permanent nerve damage that leaves you unable to operate your fingers, hands or arms.
  • And if you use a road or mountain bike for touring, you might be one of the unlucky people who, each and every year, have their bicycle frame or fork break in half on them during the middle of the bike tour. Because most mountain bikes and road bikes are not designed to carry heavy loads, they can crack and even break and half under the load you choose to carry with you on even a lightweight bicycle tour.

Find Your Dream Touring Bicycle!

Can you imagine going on a bike tour, hunched over, with a sore back and shoulders, with nerve pain running through your hands and arms, and then have you bike break in half as you sprint down a steep hill at 40 miles per hour! You don’t want that to happen to you… and that’s why it’s so important that you use a proper touring bicycle when planning a bike tour that lasts more than just a few days.

What Kind Of Touring Bike Do You Need?

That’s why it’s so important that you get some professional guidance when you pick out your first touring bicycle. If your local bike shops can’t help you find your dream touring bike, then The Touring Bicycle Buyer’s Guide is here to help!

The Touring Bicycle Buyer’s Guide (also known as The Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles) is a short and simple book designed to take you by the hand and teach you about the various types of touring bicycles, their various uses, and most importantly, to help you find the best touring bike for you!

  • Do you need a steel or aluminum bike frame?
  • Are disc brakes the best option?
  • What sort of gearing do you need?
  • Why are there different types of handlebars on various bike models?
  • What size touring bicycle should you buy?

Inside The Touring Bicycle Buyer’s Guide you’ll learn not only what to look for in your next touring bike, but you’ll also be introduced to more than 150+ of the world’s most popular touring bicycle models produced in various countries all around the world. From this list of touring bicycles and the information inside The Touring Bicycle Buyer’s Guide, you’ll be able to narrow down the list of possible touring bikes and select the one touring bicycle that is best suited toward the type of bike tour you are planning.

That way, you can leave on your cycling adventure knowing you have the best touring bicycle for you, and you have the peace of mind in knowing that the bike you bought is perfectly suited for the adventure you have planned.

The Best Touring Bicycle Reviews

There are hundreds of different trekking and touring bicycles made in various countries all around the world. Here, for example, is just one of the touring bicycles you’ll find featured inside The Touring Bicycle Buyer’s Guide.

The bike you see here is a Co-Motion Pangea touring bicycle. It’s a touring bike designed to go anywhere in the world. It can be ridden on paved roads, or it can be ridden in dirty, rocky, off-road terrain.

Because this bike has larger 26 inch mountain bike style wheels and tires, this bike won’t be as fast as a more touring bicycle designed more for road riding, but it will excel in off-road environments – such as dirt roads, gravel paths and narrow single-track trails.

The Co-Motion Pangea touring bicycle you see featured in this video is the bike that Darren Alff, the Bicycle Touring Pro, has been riding since 2012. He’s since ridden it across more than 50 different countries all around the world. And that’s what makes touring bicycles so different when compared with other bicycles you might find on the market.

Touring bicycles are designed to carry lots of gear, to travel extremely long distances, to take a beating, and to just keep going!

A lightweight road bike made with carbon fiber can’t do all that. And neither can a full-suspension mountain bike. Those bicycles are designed for totally different style of bicycle riding. Only touring bicycles are designed for long-distance bicycle touring!

Ready To Find Your Dream Touring Bicycle?

If you’re ready to find your dream touring bicycle – the best touring bicycle for you – then look no further! Grab a copy of The Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles, read through the information (don’t worry – the book isn’t long and it will only take a short amount of time), and then search through the touring bicycle database to find the best touring bike for you!

Don’t waste your time speaking to local bike shop employees who have no knowledge of touring bicycles. Don’t get confused by jokers on the Internet who only have experience with one or two bicycles. And most importantly, don’t waste your money by buying the wrong touring bicycle.

Find Your Dream Touring Bicycle!

Get it right the first time around! Let the Bicycle Touring Pro be your guide… and discover your ideal touring bicycle with The Touring Bicycle Buyer’s Guide & The Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles. Available now in both ebook and paperback formats!